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PDO Thread lifts utilizing PDO (polydioxanone) suture material are used to temporarily lift and redefine the face particularly in the areas to reduce jowls, elevate the cheek and sculpt the jawline. As they dissolve, they stimulate collagen production further enhancing the beauty of the treatment.

PDO stands for Polydioxanone which is a biodegradable, safe suture material that has been used in orthopedic and cardiovascular surgeries for over 30 years. As a safe raw material that is completely absorbed by the body through hydrolysis, PDO causes minimal tissue reaction and tissue trauma.


PDO thread lifts are a minimally invasive procedure that are strategically placed into the skin. The barbs anchor onto sagging skin and the thread is maneuvered to lift the tissue to create a naturally youthful and defined look.  Local anesthesia and other medications are used to minimize any discomfort making this procedure easily tolerated.


The body absorbs the PDO threads in about 6-8 months after insertion, however, results can last up to one year as the PDO can help stimulate collagen production and neovascularization in the skin.




What kind of results can be achieved with PDO threads?

Results can be immediate. You do not have to wait weeks and months to see your results. Although individual results may vary, common results achieved include:

  • Heart shaped, higher cheekbone contour

  • Snatched, defined jaw line

  • Lifting of jowls

  • Reduced nasolabial fold

  • Smoother neck lines


White Flowers


If you are hesitating to book an appointment at Vitality Aesthetics, don’t! Cheryl is the absolute best. Not only is she a true professional in her field, she is courteous, knowledgeable and has a wonderful bedside manner. Her great sense of humor will put you at ease during any procedure with her, and her skills are top notch. Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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